Cell Rep: Scientists have successfully turned stem cells into precursor cells that are used to produ

Recently, an international journal published in Cell Reports on research report, from researchers at the university of California, Los Angeles, through the study found that will be involved in the body development of signaling molecules (special) appropriate mixed with human stem cells can be induced human stem cells become somite sample (somites), in the development of the embryo, the somite cells can produce skeletal muscle, bone and cartilage tissue; In the laboratory, these ganglion cells grown in a dish have the potential to grow into these types of cells.

Pluripotent stem cells can be turned into any type of cell in the body, but researchers want to try to direct them to produce specific tissues, such as muscle. In a developing human embryo, muscle cells, like bone and cartilage in the spine and ribs, are derived from clusters of cells called ganglia. The researchers were able to elucidates the mechanism of ganglion development in animals and identify a specific molecule that is important for ganglion development. But when the researchers tried to use these molecules to induce human stem cells to produce ganglion cells, the whole process showed no effect.

In this article, the researchers separate the tiny segment development of human beings, at the same time before and after the somite fully formed different gene expression level were measured respectively during the process of the formation of the somite every gene expression changes, the researchers then tested the will enhance or inhibit gene expression of these molecules into the human pluripotent stem cells can help promote cell into a somite sample cells, the results found that the optimized molecular hybrid system in the human performance and the performance is not the same in animal body, so take advantage of this new type of molecular combination, Researchers will be able to turn 90 percent of human stem cells into ganglion cells in just four days.

The researchers followed the cells for four weeks to determine whether the ganglion cells did indeed produce many types of cells, including skeletal muscle, bone and cartilage. The use of human pluripotent stem cells to create new ways of somite sample cell may be able to help the researchers more in-depth study, the researchers next plan through in-depth research use muscle cells from a new segment cells to treat duchenne muscular dystrophy, duchenne muscular dystrophy is a severe muscle degeneration disease, there is no effective therapy.
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