British scientists have created high-quality stem cells

British scientists say they have produced first-class "gold standard" stem cells that could lead to a wave of new treatments for degenerative diseases.

The stem cells from human embryos could be available to researchers for clinical trials by the end of next year, The Daily Telegraph reported on Tuesday.

The researchers said previous test of embryonic stem cells have been used in humans quality at a low level "research" stem cells, they are after processing are reclassified as "clinical level", and the new stem cells in the donated time will have a "clinical" quality, don't need expensive and dangerous conversion process no more.

Researchers at king's college London donated the cells to the British stem cell bank. The stem cells will be tested here to make sure they are safe and of a quality that can be tested on humans.

“In regenerative medicine, stem cells that are readily available for clinical use are the holy grail for everyone,” said lead researcher Peter browder of king's college London.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the stem cells were taken from needle-sized embryos donated by patients who were free to undergo artificial insemination. They would no longer be of any use to the patients themselves and would be thrown away if they were not donated.
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