Advanced cervical cancer

The treatment of advanced cervical cancer should be carefully selected according to the patients' own conditions. The treatment of advanced cervical cancer is very difficult, and the treatment of western medicine alone cannot achieve the desired therapeutic effect. The treatment of advanced cervical cancer directly affects the quality of life and survival of patients. With the improvement of medical level, the treatment status of cervical cancer has been significantly improved. In view of the status quo of patients with advanced cervical cancer, most patients are not suitable for surgical resection or radiotherapy, and conservative treatment should be given priority to.

Most of the advanced cervical cancer has metastasis, and the advanced cervical cancer has developed from local lesion to systemic lesion. Surgical resection is often not complete treatment, prone to recurrence and metastasis, the treatment of advanced cervical cancer mainly rely on drug treatment, including systemic chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine treatment, also can take radiotherapy, but no matter what kind of treatment, the most important or according to the patient's own situation and formulate. Conservative treatment should be considered for those patients who cannot receive surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, and the quality of life should be improved mainly by improving human immunity.

Advanced cervical cancer chemotherapy and the somatic cell immune therapy of combined therapy: in all kinds of chemotherapy drugs, cisplatin, is the most widely used treatment of advanced cervical cancer and more effective drug, it has the dual role of chemotherapy drugs and radiation sensitization agent, but easy to cause renal toxicity and neurotoxicity, should be combined with the somatic cell immune therapy, in order to reduce its toxic effects, enhance treatment effect; Autosomal cell immunotherapy can enhance the sensitivity of chemotherapy to cervical cancer, enhance the therapeutic effect and effectively reduce the toxic and side effects of chemotherapy.

For patients with advanced cervical cancer, whose constitution is very weak and multiple metastases occur, neither surgical treatment nor chemoradiotherapy can be used, but autologous cell immunotherapy can be used to prevent the continuous proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells in patients with advanced cervical cancer. In patients with advanced cancer, the body's immune mechanism is very weak, and the normal tissues around the body are easily invaded by cancer cells. Autosomal immunotherapy can rebuild the patient's immune system and effectively prevent the spread and metastasis of cancer cells.

The advanced treatment of cervical cancer should pay attention to the overall control of cancer cells. On the basis of the treatment of primary cancer cervical cancer, the treatment of metastasis can effectively control the spread and metastasis of cancer cells. Autosomatic cell immunotherapy can rebuild the immune system of human body, regulate the immunity of the body through mobilizing the defense mechanism of the body, enhance the anti-cancer ability, and thereby inhibit the growth, metastasis and recurrence of tumor.

The treatment of advanced cervical cancer also requires careful treatment of complications. With the invasion of cancer cells and the development of the disease, patients with advanced cervical cancer will have pain and other symptoms. Therefore, the best way to achieve "survival with tumor" is not to pursue "depravity" but "people-oriented" treatment.
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