About ALIT Life Science

ALIT Life Science focuses on providing advanced laboratory instrument, technology and laboratory concept for life science field. Its head office, research and development center are in Shanghai China. It develops branch offices in Pudong district of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, its agency is set up in Europe and agent distribution channel system is set up in Europe and America. Through decades development, ALIT Life Science has formed integrated high-tech industry that includes research and development, production, market , good after-sales services and technical support by cooperating with famous enterprises that are with several domestic and foreign life science research teams, laboratory instrument and production equipment . ALIT Life Science contribute our strength to fast developing  life science field.

The products and service of ALIT Life Science are widely used in various fields like cell therapy, development of biopharmaceutical process, quality control and life science research. They are tailored for customers for providing customers with quality control of biological safety, pharmacy and production process as well as authentication service and document validation. In domestic and foreign cell therapy field, we have over 200 customers and we have become the appointed brand of several benchmark enterprises in the industry. We try our best to protect our customers and follow up industry regulation at home and abroad for avoiding danger, providing production process control that meets the industry standard of cGMP and verifying the monitoring solution.

Subsidiary of ALIT Life Science: Shanghai Zeyu Experimental equipment Co.Ltd focuses on introducing global high-end imported laboratory instrument to China, which is the total agent of many famous international instrument brands, it keeps you in sync with the world; Shanghai Ruiyu Biotechnology Co.Ltd focuses on modern cell analysis, technology research and development, equipment production. It creates Countstar brand and does”the best cell analyzer”.

Our professional team now is with more than 200 staffs, among them, there are around 30 employees with master degree or above, including biologist, sterilization services specialist, optical experts, image recognition experts, technical support before and after sales and sales engineer teams. We promise to provide the best and the most professional before-sales technical consultation, project design and after-sales services.

Our idea of development is “ Innovation changes the future, Cheer for the science and technology progress”

We provide the following products and services:

German MMM Group: constant temperature humidity chamber, medicine stability testing chamber, manual climatic box, series growth chamber, illumination incubator, low temperature incubator, biochemical incubator, temperature incubator, high temperature oven, vacuum drying oven and oven.
•German MMM Group: bench type steam sterilizer, large-scale and middle-scale pulsating vacuum autoclave sterilizer.
• German PEA: vaporize hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, isolator, delivery window, air shower and air-tight door.
• Portuguese Aralab: series growth chamber, arabidopsis incubator, tissue culture chamber, seed box, insect incubator, algal incubator, stability & light stability testing chamber, entrance chamber & stability testing room.
• British ABER: live cell concentration online analyzer.
• American Reoligen: ATF cell retention system, OPUS prepacked column, cell growth factor and ELisa kit.
• Swiss Roche: fluorescence ration PCR instrument, Cedex Bio biochemical analyzer, Cedex Bio HT biochemical analyzer.
•German Trace: biopharmaceutical portable glucose and lactic acid analyzer, on-line glucose analyzer.
• Chinese Countstar: automatic cell counting apparatus and automatic cell fluorescence analyzer,
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