A protein that can control the body's fat and blood sugar levels

The Canadian researchers, writing in the new issue of the medical journal Endocrinology, said they studied a protein called nesfatin-1\, which promotes both the consumption of fat and the expression of blood sugar.

In 2006, Japanese researchers have discovered the protein for the first time, providing preliminary confirmation that it is involved in fat consumption. Based on previous studies, researchers at the neuroendocrine integrative laboratory at york university in Canada conducted experiments on mice to analyze the details of the role of the protein in metabolism and endocrinology. 

They found that nesfatin-1\ can increase the body's fat conversion rate, which helps control fat content and reduce body weight, said suraj unyappan, assistant professor of biology at the university who was involved in the study.

In addition, the researchers found that this protein can stimulate insulin secretion. This protein may help control blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes if it was being used properly. The researchers say the findings could provide a new way to treat obesity and diabetes.
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