Insect Cells

Insect cells, a new technology in agricultural biotechnology, are eukaryotic cells derived from insects. The in-vitro culture of insect cells is increasingly valued by scientists for two reasons: first, viruses with high host specificity, that can cause e

Stem Cell Viability

Stem cells are undifferentiated primitive cells with multilineage differentiation potential and self-renewal ability. Under certain conditions, stem cells can differentiate into functional cells. Stem cells are either elliptical or round in shape.

Primary Cell

Primary cells are cells extracted from tissues, and they may be of different shapes. In manual counting, each technician need to do a lot of work, But Countstar IC1000 provides an easy solution.

Algae Detection Case

With Countstar BioMarine, user can obtain the image, concentration and aggregation rate of algae cells within 20 seconds of adding 20μl of algal cell suspension.

Immunocytometry Analysis

For different cells by different detection parameters, just reference the sample with to fine-tune Countstar BioTech can meet the experimental requirements.


The anticoagulant diluted blood 1000 times, adding Countstar cell counting plate, click the start button, within 20s to get the concentration of red blood cells. Compared to blood routine instrument greatly saves the time and operating procedures.

Comparison of Countstar Cell Counting and Traditional Cell Counting

Traditional hemocytometer the operation is complex and the error is large. With wide range of advance features Countstar ensure the accuracy and stability of cell counting results.

Tumor Cell Concentration and Viability and Other Parameters Detection

Tumor cells are one of the most easily detectable samples for Countstar, almost no need setting detection parameters, the standard parameters that come with the Countstar can meet the test requirements.

The Count of Fungal Spores

In the study of fungi, accurate counting of spores is essential. CountStar can quickly quantify spores and facilitate subsequent experiments.