Cell Transfection Efficiency Assays

The Countstar FL system is a smart, intuitive cell analysis instrument that streamlines a wide variety of cellular assay including transfection, apoptosis, cell surface marker, cell viability and cell cycle assessments.

Cell Apoptosis

Countstar FL offers an image-based solution to “see” and to analyze all of these steps with pre-loaded protocols in depth.

Direct concentration, viability and phenotype measurement of stem cell

Direct concentration, viability and phenotype measurement ofstem cell using a novel imaging cytometry methodYan, haibo1*,Bodo Kohring21. Shanghai RuiYuBiotech, Shanghai, P.R. of China,2. RuiYu BiotechCo., Ltd. Bachstrasse 16 D-32139 Spenge, Abstract: Mese

Affinity of antibody detection on Countstar® FL

Affinity ofantibody detection on Countstar® FL Antibodies are nature’s molecularrecognition machines designed to aid the immune system in destroyingextracellular, as well as intracellular, threats. Detect affinity of antibody incell level is an im

Investigating cytotoxicity by using Countstar FL image cytometer

Cytotoxicity assaysare routinely used in many laboratories for a variety purposes from assessingthe health of cell cultures to evaluating the toxicity of a panel of compounds.The measurement tool employed for these assays needs to be reliable, easy touse

Quantitative cell cycle analysis by using Countstar FL image cytometer

Measuring the incorporation of DNA-binding dyes has beena well-established method for determining cellular DNA content in cell cycleanalysis. Propidium iodide (PI) is a nuclear staining dye that is frequentlyapplied in measuring cell cycle. In cell divisi

Bright Field Cell Counting and Viability Assays

Freshly isolated primary cells or cultured cells may contain impurities, several cell types or interfering particles such as cell debris which will make it impossible to analyze the cells of interest. Countstar FL makes it easy to analyze.

Cluster of differentiation (CD) marker analysis

The Countstar FL provides a combined solution for the CD marker analysis. Images combined with statistical highly accurate results, the Countstar FL realizes both by one single click.

Cell Cycle

When combined with FCS Express (De Novo™), Countstar FL can provide cell cycle analysis result. SGC-7901, HT-116 an SW620 cells are treated with 4μM nocodazole (Nodz) for 24h then tested by Countstar FL and FCS Express.