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Cell Counting and Viability

In order to ensure the quality of subsequent experiments, many laboratories will measure the concentration and viability of cells. Because with traditional hemocytometer the operation is complex and the error is large, hemocytometer has been replaced by automated cell counters increasingly. With wide range of advance features Countstar® automated cell counter to ensures the accuracy and stability of cell counting results.


Aggregated Cells

In addition to some of the primary cells easy to cluster.General passaged cells in good condition in the culture, digestion process under normal circumstances is not easy to cluster.Therefore, if the cell line which is generally not agglomerated ,  appears a serious agglomeration due to the culture factor or a problem of cell digestion and make  cell counting difficulty, Countstar® is able to analyze the cell clusters and the cluster distribution of the cell lines, which can be used as a reference for the evaluation of cell status.


Cell Size

Cell size statistics is often used by many researchers, the general method is analysis the cell image by software after obtained the image from microscope.  Countstar® automated cell counters can obtain the morphological statistics of the cells within 10s.


Growth Curve

Cell growth curve is a commonly used method for determining the absolute number of cells is also an important indicator of cell viability. It is one of the basic parameters of the biological characteristics of cultured cells. Countstar® automated cell counter with a powerful data management capabilities and simple operation, can store all the experimental data and drawing the cell growth curve is extremely simple.

Fluorescent Cell Analysis Expand ALL


Freshly isolated primary cells or cultured cells may contain impurities, several cell types or interfering particles such as cell debris which will make it impossible to analyze the cells of interest. With its sophisticated image recognition algorithms, the Countstar®FL makes it easy to analyze even these complex sample situations.


Transfection Efficiency

The Countstar®FL system is a smart, intuitive cell analysis instrument that streamlines a wide variety of cellular assay including transfection, apoptosis, cell surface marker, cell viability and cell cycle assessments.


CD marker

The Countstar® FL provides a combined solution for the CD marker analysis. Images combined with statistical highly accurate results, the Countstar® FL realizes both by one single click. 


Cell Cycle

When combined with FCS Express (De Novo™), Countstar   FL can provide cell cycle analysis result. SGC-7901, HT-116 an SW620 cells are treated with 4μM nocodazole (Nodz) for 24h then tested by Countstar® FL and FCS Express. 


Cell Apoptosis

The different phases of apoptosis are segmented into an early, middle and late stage. Specified indicators can document the single stages of apoptosis. The Countstar®FL offers an image-based solution to “see” and to analyze all of these steps with pre-loaded protocols in depth.


Cell Quality Control In Cell Therapy

FL's innovative image recognition and flow-like analysis technology, designed for GMP and FDA standards, combines every step of cell therapy to provide a convenient, standardizable workflow that helps you build a stable, standard cell Treatment system.



Affinity of antibody

Investigating cytotoxicity