Countstar Exhibited at the 7th International Congress of Molecular and Cell Biology

The author: Source:本站Time:2017/4/26 9:50:56

The 7th International Conference on Molecular and Cell Biology was held in Xi'an from April 25 to 17, 2017. Countstar was invited to participate in the conference as the leading supplier of cell count products. The conference has brought together experts from more than 30 countries and regions in the field of life sciences, biology, medicine and other cell research experts.

This event, our new Countstar cell fluorescence analyzer attracted the attention of the guests including  the United States, South Korea and other international friends , Its application in cell transfection, cell fluorescence detection and other research directions is expected, and further cooperation is expressed.

Countstar automatic fluorescent cell analyzer is a new generation of image detection method based on multi cell analysis tool, combined with fluorescence channel, through image acquisition in cell information, quantitative analysis of cell analysis instruments. It can provide statistical information of cell groups, and can obtain images of individual cells, thus providing morphological information about cells.