Countstar Exhibited in the 27th Annual ESACT-UK Meeting

The author: CountstarSource:CountstarTime:2017/1/20 15:09:53

Countstar® attended the 27th annual ESACT-UK meeting on the 11-12th January 2017 in Oxford, UK. During the meeting Countstar® not only brought a convenient solution for cell counting,  but also provided a novel imaging cytometry method for precise concentration, viability and phenotype analysis of adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells.

Countstar® automated cell counter is a cell counting and analyzing instrumentdeveloped on the basis of classic trypan blue staining. Integrating advanced optical imaging technology and intelligent image recognition technology.Countstar automated cell counter is applicable blood cell, mammalian cell, insect cell algae and some planktons.

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Countstar® FL is an image-based cell analysis platform. 4 excitation lights, maximum 13 fluorescent channel combination, support any dye of different wavelength. Patented fixed focus, avoids manual error and makes sure the stability of fluorescent signal. Users only need to click 1 button to get result through pre-loaded protocols. Customization function together with multiple fluorescent channel provide a whole solution for cell fluorescent experiment.

The innovative Countstar FL makes the analytical force of cell fluorescent assays much accessible with its handy all-in-one design and its affordability. Provides both pictures and analytical results, Countstar® FL enables your data be witnessed by image proof.

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