Shanghai Ruiyu Biotech Co., Ltd.

Established in 2009 by Alit International Trade Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ruiyu Biotech Co., Ltd. is a hightech company committed to the development of modern cell analysis technology and the manufacture of relevant instruments.Our mission is to “change the future through innovation and boost the technological progress ”.

We attach great importance to the R&D of new products and product quality, and consider innovation as the driving force for company growth, and quality as life. In just a few years after  establishment, Ruiyu Biotech has obtained several national invention patents and owns the patented core technology of the products.

We have developed and  launched a series of products including: Countstar® Biotech Automated Cell Counter , Countstar® Biomed Automated Cell Counter, Countstar® Biomarine Automated Cell Counter and Countstar® Fluorescence Cell Analyzer etc.

Featuring ease of use, efficiency, accuracy and reliability, these products have been widely used in major research and medical institutions in various fields including biopharmaceuticals, beer and beverages.

Patent Certificates